Engineering Services

Identify - Develop - Deploy

We understand your challenges and know how to meet them. We provide independent engineering, design, and build services to assist our clients with a wide array of challenges. We spin up quickly, identify the root cause, develop a solution and deploy it within your facilities.

Process Improvement

Whether you’re looking to improve an existing process or invent a new one, we’re here to help.  

Concept Engineering

We’re not just a process improvement firm, we’re an idea engineering firm. The most rewarding part of what we do at Marando Industries is finding creative ways to solve problems and make your operations more efficient!

Vision Systems are a key development in manufacturing and industrial services. We’re here to help provide clients with customized systems for quality assurance, part selection, and defect detection. We’ve partnered with Keyence USA,  to deploy state of the art vision systems into some of the industries most challenging applications.


We design and 3Dprint highly customized parts for our clients’ use and/or for use within the solutions we provide.  Our large format printers are capable of printing engineering grade plastics with continuous fiber reinforcements as well as high performance plastics like PEEK and Ultem


Marando Industries provides the most advanced and intuitive control solutions in the industry. Our easy to use controls make it simple for your operators to get the job done.

Machining, Welding, and Fabrication

Without the basics we wouldn’t have the freedom to take on such a diverse set of challenges. Marando Industries has skilled machine operators and welding technicians at the ready.   

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