Announcing the Launch of

Our much anticipated e-commerce platform is now open for business! Check us out at This web-store was commissioned to support the sale of OMCA plate beveling machines, consumables, and spares in the US market. OMCA is a world leading manufacturer of portable plate beveling machines. OMCA, a family owned company based in Italy, introduced the first portable plate beveling machines to the market more than 50 years ago. They’ve been perfecting their designs and driving the technology curve ever since.

Today OMCA is the world leader in plate beveling technology. All OMCA machines are underpinned by the milling process that yields higher quality and more consistent weld prep than competitor machines. It’s widely accepted that OMCA plate beveling machines stand above the rest in terms of technology; but their brand also stands for quality, durability, and serviceability. Unlike the throw-away machines that flood our market from the far east, OMCA machines are built to withstand the rigors of every day life in a fab shop, vessel shop, or shipyard. OMCA machines are designed to be serviceable and a full range of service parts and consumables can be purchased at

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