Press Automation

Fully integrated press automation played a key role in achieving productivity goals.

A greaser table that is blue and white with many pumps, nozzles, and other features.

Servo Controlled Fluid Dispenser

Multi-channel metered fluid dispensing system with precision servo control and realtime quality audit of dispensed volumes.

A vision inspection system that has a camera hanging overhead of a table. The table has an open box, which is being inspected to make sure everything that should be inside of it is.

Vision Inspection System

State of the art machine vision system that accurately and instantaneously performs visual quality control inspections that were not previously possible.

Four 3D printed tooling blocks with "Marando Industries" in blue on top of the metal. They are on top of a greaser table and have tubes coming out of the tooling that feed grease into a part that goes in the middle of the four 3D printed tools.

3D Printed Tooling

We 3D print end use fixtures and tooling with advanced materials including chopped and continuous carbon fiber.

A yellow metal safety guarding system is encasing a machine. It is solid on half of it but the other half you can see through the panelling to see what the machine is doing.

Customized Guarding and Safety Solutions

Custom machine guarding with integrated electronic safety systems.

Laser Profilometer

High performance 3D profiler for inline measurement and inspection of steel bars.

Vision Inspection and Containment System

Fully integrated inline vision inspection for flawless results every time.

A light green/grey inline weld inspection machine with "Marando Industries" written down the side in blue is visible. It is inside of a manufacturing plant

Ultrasonic Testing System

An inline ultrasonic weld testing system to detect surface and subsurface defects or flaws in welds.

The wiring of a control system inside a panel box. The wiring is neatly organized and the control system is dense.

Industrial Controls

Custom control solutions that leverage the latest technologies for any size project.

Press Tending Automation

Industries Served

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