Portable Plate Beveling Machines

We’re partnered with OMCA Beveling Machines to bring top of the line Portable Plate Beveling technology to our customers. OMCA is an Italian, family owned business that has been operating for over 50 years at the forefront of the plate beveling industry. Marando Industries is OMCA’s sole North American distributor, keeping in line with our mission of bringing our clients ease of operation and efficiency in everything we do.

3D Welding Tables have an enormous benefit for welding tasks and challenges. Thanks to the perfectly flat surface as well as acessories to clamp parts in order to avoid distortions, welding has never been easier. We partnered with DCT Weld Tables after ordering one for use in our own facility. We loved them so much that we had to share the benefits with our customers by making the tables available to North America. These tables are used by big name brands such as Caterpillar, FANUC, and Panasonic, a sign that our 3D Weld Tables are the real deal.

3D Welding Tables

Man welding a part clamped to a slotted weld table